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Urednika/Edited by: prof. Mirko Pečarič, prof. Janez Stare

Iz vsebine/Breef description:
If science is derived from the root “known”, and public administration is primarily the management of public affairs, the monograph addresses themes relating to the body of knowledge enabling us to gain understanding of public things. The monograph presents current and future trends, themes, views, facts or merely ideas aiming to bring attention for those who consider the study and work of public administration important for the development of the individual and of the society as a whole. The numerous and diverse contributions of experts gathered by the Faculty of Public Administration of the University of Ljubljana firmly support this view. Public institutions breathe life into the rule of law and many other values that we cherish as human beings. Many of them are reflected in the present work.

Založnik/Publisher: Univerza v Ljubljani, Fakulteta za upravo (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Public Administration)

Izdaja/Edition: 1. natis, 2021

Jezik/Language: angleški (english)

ISBN: 978-961-262-125-4